January 2015
Jury meeting + award ceremony

February 2015
Berlin - Haus Rucker Co / Ortner & Ortner – Space laboratory - Claus Wohlgemuth (Game design Professor at the HTW Berlin)

March 2015
Skype interview: Henni Borgaard (artist)

May 2015
Exhibition Ruhr-University of Bochum

August 2015
Vienna + Linz + Ars Electronica - Thomas Herzig (Pneumocell) - Stefan Wölwer (Interaction Design Professor at the HAWK Hildesheim)

September 2015
CityLeaks Congress (10-minute speeches)

October 2015
Expanding the team

November 2015
Raimund Bauer (Stage space Professor at the HFBK Hamburg) – Guest criticism: Becker Schmitz + Pascal Bruns (artist) - Gereon Baum (TECE)

December 2015
Exhibition opening + press conference (Museum of Art Bochum)

January 2016
Panel discussion (Museum of Art Bochum)