The Place
The bubble is designed for urban spaces. It aims to bring the student housing directly into the city center and the city life shall merge with the life of the resident. For this purpose, particularly unused urban spaces should be upgraded. As in the case of Bochum, a gap between buildings can serve this purpose, however, it can also be a different urban space with the corresponding qualities. We do not want to focus particularly on empty sites here, even if these provide the best preconditions. According to our wishful thinking, the resident herself should look for a place to pitch the bubble here and there similar to an urban tent. The bubble should always be seen in the context of buildings and stand out from street level. The poetic image of the bubble, which is squeezed into the gap of buildings exclusively by pressure, should be preserved.

The Space
The bubble provides the feeling of security through a membrane, which spans a space over and around its residents. The resulting space is simple. Reduced. Primal. Similar to a cave, however, soft, a cocoon, but more open, larger, more generous. Every one of us knows the image of a sofa-blanket-cave stretched between stool, dining table and chair. It is important to us that the space breaks away from common, conventional notions of living. Therefore, we decided for the design of the interior to be based on simple, abstract and diffuse shapes. What is a bed? What is a table? What is a stool? What is the floor and what can be the floor? To all these questions, we would like to provide new answers with BLOON in terms of experiences and experiments. This form of reduction of living corresponds to our own ideas of a student life (of the future). Students nowadays do not need much more than a place to sleep, to which they can retreat to, a place of comfort and ease and their laptop. They should be able to freely develop and to adjust the room and space to their individual requirements. The limits of individual development are not limited by the bubble. Why shouldn’t a whole block or a whole quarter be inspired by the bubble and start to pulsate?

The Hull
What separates the resident from her environment is nothing more than a second skin, it isolates her from external influences and provides her the feeling of security. The hull, however, is more than a skin. It is the wall, window, ceiling as well as it is also floor and supporting structure. Perhaps, the hull can be even more. It is the communication platform. A membrane, which both separates the exterior and interior and fuses them. Partly, it opens up very wide and grants a glimpse into its insides, while elsewhere it becomes so narrow in order to create privacy. In the form of diffuse shapes and motions the bubble stays a pulsating, continuously changing organism, which shows it outwardly at any time. The bubble adjusts perfectly to the location – without changing it permanently. Or does it?

The Phone Booth
The phone booth is the link between outside and inside, up and down. It is the grip of the bubble, the lock and the entrance. Concept A – Do It Yourself. The phone booth is an urban micro cosmos, which have lost its original benefit a long time ago. Just as we did it on larger scales in terms of the gap between buildings, we would also like to upgrade this small scale space and to put it to a meaningful use. In doing so the phone booth is taken guerilla-wisely just as the gap site. Following the example of Peter Lustig and the caravan, the booth is modified with the simplest means by students according to their purposes and needs. Not perfect and unfinished it offers space for self-fulfillment and individualization by the residents. The phone booth is part of the urban space, however, it is not part of BLOON. When BLOON moves to a different city, we need to consider new, urban micro cosmoses with similar qualities. Perhaps someday BLOON does not have to rely on a lock and the phone booth as building component can be completely dropped? Concept B – Clean It Up. The phone booth is an object with the optimal qualities for our purposes. From today's perspective the actual uselessness of the phone booth plays an important role. However, for reasons less urban. Rather, it is the almost endless stock of phone booths, which offers, especially in terms of an industrial reproduction of BLOON, a wonderful (favorable) foundation for our purposes. The phone booth is part of BLOON. This is why the same design requirements have to be applied. Therefore, a strong alienation of the phone booth, for instance by varnishing, is conceivable. What is left is the cubature of the phone booth, which might evoke associations in the viewer, but at the latest by entering the interior there would be enlightenment: I am not a phone booth any more, I am something completely new – something special – the door to a dream world. The phone booth can be everything and nothing. Thus, the phone booth can be part of BLOON, but does not necessarily get more emphasis in its perception than in concept A. Maybe even less, since the change of purpose is clearly visible through the abstraction. The lock becomes a fixed component of BLOON and therefore is linked to BLOON in any location in the world.