BLOON is not only our mobile home, but also a place of inspiration, interaction and communication. BLOON means mobility for us and our memories, as well as special moments. We record these memories and moments with photos and videos. By sharing them with each other, we grant a glimpse into our privacy and at the same time look out at the real and digital world. CLOUD LIVING makes this development visually perceptible. Nowadays, we store experiences and impressions mentally, as well as digitally, we share them and provide insights. By projecting them on BLOON, we experience a new level of the real world via the digital world.

„PWD“ (Pay with data) is the currency of the hybrid world. One night in BLOON is paid by the moments captured on the smartphone, which are exclusively stored on the local BLOON Cloud. All moments are visualized inside of BLOON so that the resident can interactively experience it. This also includes the filed moments of previous residents. This way BLOON collects memories with each visitor and shares them with the current resident. Thus, connections between people arise. Moments can be discovered and with the help of architecture brought to life. BLOON receives a soul filled with emotions and memories of the residents. Therefore, BLOON becomes a lively residence. Through a mobile architecture moments can be transported to other cities and enable an emotional communication within a global and urban world. “BLOON Home of Moments” makes our lives surrounded by data accessible again. The personal moments’ worth, the use of personal information and their future use take on a tangible form in BLOON.

What started out in April as a rough concept, turned out to be a sensitive and impressive, interactive mapping, developed by the students Sandro Engel, Amelie Künzler, Florian Schober and Finn Quoos of the HAWK Hildesheim.